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Commercial and Industrial Makegood Services

Ensuring your warehouse is ready for your next move!

Just warehousing specialise in industrial makegood and alteration services for owners and tentants in the Melbourne East and Southeast suburbs. We provide a range of industrial and manufacturing customers with high quality and affordable makegood services and work around their needs.

What is End of Lease Makegood?
End of lease makegood is a standard inclusion in the lease agreement for a tentant to leave the premises in the condition it was at the beginning of the lease. To makegood you must clean, remove property and alterate any changes incurred during the lease period.

Just warehousing specialise in the installation of industrial fit-outs, making us the ideal industrial moving cleaning service provider for your warehouse!

Advantages of working with Just Warehousing

At Just Warehousing we strive to give our clients the specific services they need and to return your property to the original condition, ensuring the fullfillment of all end of lease agreements and meeting all expectations.

We are a leading supplier and installer of warehouse products & accessories, we specialise not only in installation but removal of these products too.

We have a trusted reputation with over 20 years experience in industrial material handling products and warehouse storage solutions and have built a successful business by working closely with our clients in partnership and ensuring they get the best quality service.

Most common changes to commercial properties:
  • Fittings, Racking and Shelves
  • Power outlets and lights
  • Paint colour changes and decorations
  • Flooring changes (eg rubber, carpet or floorboard)
  • Wall partitions
  • Platforms
  • Window furnishings
  • Business adverts and signs
  • Aircon and heaters.

We provide a full industrial makegood service that includes but is not limited to:
  • Removal of racks, walls and shelving

  • Removal of doors and windows

  • Concrete core drilling and patching

  • Floor Resurfacing and Sealing

  • Professional painting and wall repairs

  • Licenced electricians for electrical changes

  • Removal of all other fittings, including mezzanines and platforms

Professional Core Drilling
See an example video of our core driller at work!

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