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Electric Mobile Warehouse Racking

The Best Solution for keeping your product mobile & maximum accessibility

Mobile Racking Systems are different to other racking systems in that they can be moved. The racking system uses tracks along the ground to move electronically to give you maximum accessibility.

Mobile Racking is a common solution for high density storage while still retaining flexibility .

There are major advantages to using mobile racking systems, the storage capacity is much larger than your normal racking system, allowing you either more storage or to suit your smaller warehouse. It maximises your floor space if you have a multipurpose warehouse. The structure is a simple design and easy to operate.

Mobile Racking storage System Specifications

Guide rail Non-Guide rail
Loading capacity 32tons/unit 16tons/unit
Wheel material Cast iron Polyurethane
Width of trolley 210/226mm 300mm
Cost Normal High
Running speed 10m/min
Notch Need No need
Guidance Rail guidance Mechanical guidance
Power of motor 0.4KW 0.75KW 1.5KW

Electric mobile racking systems

Mobile Racking is the most popular type of density storage system. utilization of space can reach over 80%, The mobile racking system consists of a track, trolley, motor, rack, detection device, operational panel and software control system.

The electric mobile racking system is safe to use and easy to control. Each rack/row is driven by and electric motor, The complete system requires only one channel, utilising as much space as possible. The racking is consists of cold rolled steel, using four different processes of de-rusting and then a dust free powder coat is used, making this product extremely wear and rust resistant.
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