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Mezzanine Warehouse Storage Solutions

Mezzanines Multi Layer Racking Systems allow you use the maxiumum height of your warehouse, giving you mulitple layers of surface area.

Adding Mezzanines increase the floor space of your warehouse without implicating costs of building and renovations. Also providing solutions for a leased space. Mezzanines racking systems adapt to various cargo to suit your storage and space utilisation needs. The goods on the first floor of the mezzanine would be the weightiest at at 500kg, the second floor of the mezzanine and usually 300kg for each beam.

The Mezzanine storage solution is easy to install, we provide you with a professional installation team to ensure your experience is stress free and we produce the results you need. Having a mezzanine storage solution is a very cost effective way to expand your floor space and maximise your storage.

Mezzanine storage systems are available in multi-tier systems, divided by 2 or 3 floors with a ranging capacity of 300-1000kg.

Multi Layer Steel Structure Platform

Also available are steel platform designs which are built with a stonger solid universal beam that due to it's length needs less support columns. Allowing for more space that standard racking systems.

The platform can me made up of mild steel plate or plywood. Space between each colum is between 5 to 6 meters, diversifying it's uses for storage, access and space.

The structures framework comprises of upright frames, floors, beams, stairs, laminates and wire meshes. All connecting sections are bolted together.

There is a range of flooring to choose from for the mezzanines such as: grated flooring, riffled flooring, perforated flooring, cold rolled shape flooring and glazed flooring.

Also available is interlock powder coated steel flooring. Steel flooring is an essential part of the mezzanine racking system for warehousing platforms.

The steel floors have locking devices below the floor to ensure stability. The steel floors are comprehensively engineered to be practical and functional to ensure maximum safety.

While mezzanine flooring is engineered to ensure the fire sfatey standards and requirements, some climates require anti-rust material for high humidity conditions. Just warehousing can supply perforated Galvanized Grated Flooring that meet the fire safety standards and give a solution to high humidity climates. The sleel flooring is designed for heavy load capacity, allowing fully loaded pallets to be stored on upper levels.

For open upper level floors and aisles, Mezzanine systems also come with guard rail for the upper levels and is a necessary component of the structure. These are integrated using upright frames along with saddle beams and struts.

Access Points
Some high mezzanine platforms require machinery access for goods and cargo entry points. For safety measures, access points like an access gates or doors may be installed depending on your storage needs.

For other safety and convenience purposes, we can also install a sliding ramp or conveyer attached for the transfer of goods and cargo to the upper levels
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