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Warehouse Storage Solutions

We offer an extensive range of Pallet Racking featuring components tested in Australia to conform to AS4084.

Whatever your warehousing requirements, our quality pallet racking will do the job efficiently and effectively.

Pallet Racking Systems
This modular, bulk storage system has been designed for the safe storage, loading and unloading of palletised loads by fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and low height hand loading. It can also be used for the safe storage of bulky non-palletised loads like car panels or carpet rolls.

Heavy Duty Shelving & Racking Systems

Advantages :
  • Compatible with leading brand systems
  • Easily expanded or adapted by adding or moving components Hold up to 3 tonnes level
  • Quality built ISO9000 Standards
  • Fully tested in Australia & complies to AS4084 Standard

Ideal Solution For :
  • Bulk palletised and general merchandise storage
  • Low height hand picking
  • Particle board packs
  • Mezzanine floors

Just Warehousing Products

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Selective Racking
Direct access to pallets with easy accessibility

Cost effective solution and good stock rotation

Drive-In Racking
Space efficiency

If you have the same stock in each lane this is the ideal solution for your business

Push Back Racking
Each pallet is pushed back by subsequent pallet loading

High density storage with different pallet types

Pallet Flow
Operates on First-In-First-Out principles

High density storage

BOS Original Frame Chart

Frame Heights (mm) Depths Available (mm)
610 838 1219
2438 X X X
3048 X X X
3658 X X X
4267 X X X
4877 X X
6096 X
6706 X
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