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Shuttle rack forklift system combined with rack, trolley and forklift for heigh density storage solutions.

Cold storage rack is a radio shuttle racking, and radio shuttle system. The high density storage solution is commonly used for cold storage solutions.

The system has independent charging radio shuttles, allowing pallets to run on a guide rail with the control of a manual radio. The shuttle can reach under the pallets to access the goods that are stored deep within the rack system, lifting them from the guide rail and sending to the front-end exit. Then you can use either a forklift to extract the goods or move the shuttle to another guide rail.

The Shuttle Rack System is a high density storage system that allows for excellent utilisation of space. The system has many advantages, it allows storage of different reference numbers of codes per module. It saves time unloading pallets. Safer to use and less damage to the racking system as there is less interaction with a forklift. It is also suitable for cold sotrage systems.

1 Suitable Pallets
1.1 Standard Pallet W1200 ×D1000 W1165 ×D1165
1.2 Available Size W1100-1250 D800-1100
1.3 Deflection of Pallet Max 20mm
2 Weight of loading Max 1500kgs
3 Model of Runnning On the rails
4 Data of Running
4.1 Running without loading 0.9m/s
4.2 Running with Max loading 0.8m/s
5 Data of Lifting
5.1 Time of lifting 3s
5.2 Distance of Lifting 45mm
5.3 Distance between pallet and rail 20mm
6 Size of Equipment
6.1 Outside Dimensions 1000 ×980 ×150 1150 ×1150 ×150
6.2 Weight of shuttle 240kgs 260kgs
7 Times of Charging 6 Hours
8 Temperature of warehouse Normal:0-45° Cryogenic -1- -35°

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