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Long Span Shelving

Space Efficient, Cost Effective Shelving Solutions

Our Long Span Shelving System is the optimal system for manually storing small to medium-size products. Long Span Shelving is perfect for box storage, garage storage, spare parts storage, and retail storage plus many more applications.

Long Span Shelving System

Our Long Span shelving is the ideal solution for storage of heavy box items and smaller stock. It's suited to a range of environments from retail outlets to office, warehouse and home garage / sheds.

Our Long Span shelving system is fast and easy to assemble and uses a modular design requiring no special tools to assemble, giving you maximum storage whilst enhancing the look of your particular environment.


  • Charcoal Powder Coated
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Holds up to 850kg/level
  • Large range of sizes in stock
  • Can use mesh, particle or melamine board as shelves
  • Particle Board Shelves - we offer New or Recycled
  • Many Uses
  • Medium duty alternative to using light duty rivet shelving
  • Sturdy pre-assembled frames
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Metal/timber/mesh shelving options
  • Add-on Bays available
  • Can be customised to your requirements
Ideal Solution For :
  • Retail - heavy boxes/bags/tins
  • Commercial - tooling/parts/supplies
  • Home garage/shed (medium to heavy duty)
  • Heavy office archives boxes
  • Bottle shops
  • Hardware
  • Workshops
  • Manufacturing
  • Fish tanks

Mesh Shelving

Benefits :

Mesh Shelving is ideal for use in warehousing as well as chill stores and freezers as it allows the even distribution of temperature and air. Mesh Shelving allows for the arrangement of sprinkler water in the event of a fire, offering a safer alternative to particle board shelving.

Particle Board Shelving

Benefits :

Particle Board Shelving is dimensionally stable - does not expand and contract as the humidity changes. It's a completely uniform material, so you get exactly the same result from every sheet. Particle board is the cheaper alternative to using mesh shelving or steel shelving. Ask us for second-hand option using recycled board.

Steel Shelving

Benefits :

Steel Shelving provides various advantages like stability, durability and reliability over most other materials. Steel shelving is ideal for storage in warehouses and offices.

Maximum Loading For Each Level

Beam Length Load Capacity
910 mm 800 kg
1220 mm 750 kg
1525 mm 450 kg
1830 mm 400 kg
2135 mm 350 kg
2440 mm 250 kg
2745 mm 250 kg
3050 mm 150 kg

Long Span Size (mm)

Height Width Depth
1800 910 2135 495
2100 1220 2440 650
2400 1525 2745 950
3600 1830 3050 1250

Ask us about our
recycled particle board option!


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