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Push Back Racking Systems

Push Back Racking is an excellent way to give your warehouse higher density storage. It is a method of pallet storage that allows you to store your pallets up to 6 deep on either side of a racking aisle.

Push Back Racking also allows for ease of access, eliminating the need for reaching or driving into the rack while moving your goods.

Push back rack is used for heigh density, multi product storage. As you load the pallets onto the free rolling carraige, it is pushed back on inclined rails when you load the next. The gravity fed free rolling cage also works in reverse, when unloading, the roll carraige from behind then moves forward. Thus allowing your goods to be accessed from a single aisle.

Push Back Racking is ideal for high volumes of storage, warehouses that have limited numbers of pallets and has a fast turnover of product.

Push back racking may not suit every business, give a call to find out if push back racking is best suited to your warehouse!

Push Back Rack
The high density alternative solution
with easy access to your product!


There are many advantages of using a push back rack system in comparison to other racking systems. This system minimises the honeycomb effect that usually is created by normal pallet racking systems.

Damage to racking is minimal compared to standard racking as there is less contact with a forklift having to reach. The system is compatible with a range of forklift reach methods, making it more versatile.

A weight of up to 1300kg per pallet comes standard with push back rack, however the system can be designed for higher capacity.
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