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50 & 76.2 Pitch Europe Standard Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
This pallet racking system is one of the most popular warehouse storage solutions, pallet rakcing is versatile and will suit most warehouse businesses for storage of a vast variety of goods.

50 and 76.2 Pitch Pallet Racking features and open bottom shelf for lower level pallets stored on the floor, reinforcement beams can be added to the lower levels for added integrity. The pallet racking system provides
individual access to all of your pallets to the full height of your warehouse, maximising your sotrage. The beams are adjustable heights to accommodate your various product storage needs.

1.Horizontal Bracing

2.Diagonal Bracing

3.Upright Column

4.Bolt for Base-Column Connect

5.Base Plate

6.Bolt Washer

7.Nut Cap

8.Nut Cap for Bracing Connect

9.Bolt for Bracing Connect


Upright Frame

The bolted pallet racking system comprises of 2 perforated uprights (standard finish is electrostatic epoxy blue RAL 5017). The Lattice bracing is made out of tube profiles or roll-out C-shape.

The uprights come with base plates and are bolted to the floor of your warehouse by anchoring bolts.

Pallet Racking Beams

The Beams comprise of hollow profiles with welded connectors to connect each end to the upright columns.

The connectors come in either 3 or 4 pin. The hollow profile beams have a standard orange finish (RAL 2004) electrostatic epoxy powder coat.

The beams are available in either box beam or intrelock beam. Upgrades to various sizes will illimenate any deformation sideeffects depending on your needs.

Different profiles will meet different load capacity variations and we can help you choose the right capacity!

Beam Connectors
Depending on the size of the beam, either profile with 3 or 4 holes can be used depending on load capacity needs. using a safety lock on the connection, locks the beams in firmly.

This comes pre-fabricated to avoid any safety or standard implications. A safety lock will avoid any safety risks of the beam becoming dislodged upon impact from for example a forklift.
Also available are Teardrop Pallet Racking System

Teardrop Pallet Racking Systems are an easy-install and fast storage solution for your warehouse storage needs.

All our pallet racking systems are in standard of CE, ISO9001, Q235, RMI, AS4084 and Q345.
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